Monday, December 22, 2014

Fiesta texas 2014

This year's Fiesta Texas trip was extra fun because Jonas earned his free ticket and Troy took the day off to join us!  I was worried about crowds since it was a Friday but we were all pleasantly surprised!
We spent time at the regular park, headed to the water park, and then went back to the main park.  
Jonas loved the Roadrunner Express and rode twice alone while I watched!  Reef was over at the Boomerang, his most favorite roller coaster ever.
The big swings were closed all day, so they had to settle for the small ones.  These make me much less nervous!

This is the Pandemonium.  They loved it, but I absolutely think I'd throw up on it!  That car spins while it moves on the track!  They rode it 2 or 3 times in a row.  No, thank you!

It was a super fun day with our 2 oldest guys!

Summer trip to Conroe


We made a trip to Conroe this summer to see the fam!  This is a bad shot, but this is how we travel; 1 dvd player in the back (with Troy's custom stand), and 1 in the front.  It really cuts down on the fights, and it's great when they all wear headphones so I can listen to my own music!
We couldn't get a condo this time, so we did a staycation with Gigi at the LaToretta Resort.
We had a blast!  They had s'mores by the lake one night.

I was super fun and let them have 2 each!

We spent hours by the pools!  Lachlan loved this waterslide!  It was nice because 3 out of 4 could do their own thing!

She preferred the splash pad.

We splurged on the breakfast buffet both mornings.  The kids thought it was great to pick whatever they wanted in unlimited quantities!

The big kids splash pad.

The resort also had a kids' club that the kids went to one afternoon.  I lived wildly while they were gone and took a nap.
After our 2 days at LaToretta, we moved to Gigi and Mr. Don's house.
We had breakfast with Grandma one morning and then headed back to her house.  Reef got his first solitaire lesson, which brought back sweet memories of this woman teaching me to play at the beach!

Lachlan and Poppy crafted with stickers...

While Jonas painted his own frisbee.

These are out of order but I couldn't be bothered fixing it... The resort also had a putt putt course, which you know my kids couldn't pass up!

Of course we visited Mr. Jerry on our trip.

And played Kinect at Mr. Joe and Ms. Lisa's house.
These 2 would much rather swim than "play bideo games" as Poppy calls them.

We also got to have dinner with Taylor and her family right before leaving to come home.  It was a great trip to see the family!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Beach trip!

I was determined to get a beach trip in this summer!  It got crazy busy, so we could only make a day trip to Corpus, but it was worth it!  The only downside was that Daddy couldn't join us!
Look at all these friends we took with us!

Poppy was TERRIFIED of the wind at first.  She cried and clung to me for an hour before she felt safe enough to play.  Once she got used to it, though, she loved the sand and the surf.  Several times I had to pull her back in from swimming to Mexico!

Lachlan loved it, especially since he didn't need his life jacket.

Reef spent most of the day digging and building castles.

Such fun memories were made, and we can't wait to do it again next summer!

Princess store

One of the mornings that the boys had reading camp, Poppy and I headed to the mall in search of the elusive Elsa doll.  It wasn't there, but she did get to be princess of the day and open the store for everyone!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun with Mr. Rob

We had a fun evening of dinner and swimming at the Andersons' house!  The kids thought swimming with Mr. Rob was THE best!

Peyton's Party

We were so excited to go Peyton's birthday party at the Magik Theater.  We took Reef and Jonas when they were little, but this was the first time for Poppy and Lachlan!  They loved the show!

Getting autographs.

They were pooped after so much party fun!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Free Food Friday!

This year Dress Like a Cow Day at Chik Fil A fell on the same day as free slurpee day at 7-11!  What fun to get free treats at 2 different places!
I was tired of making trash bag cow costumes, so we upgraded to t-shirts this year!  They had a blast potato-printing, and now we are set for a couple years!
Jude and Melynda joined us for lunch this year.  We only made it to CFA once this year, a little disappointing since we usually squeeze in 2 meals on Cow day!  We will have to raise the bar next year!
And after nap we headed to 7-11.  This was a first for my kids and they loved it!